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Tulum – Yucatán Couple’s Travel Guide: Airbnbs, Restaurants, Local Perspective, Must-See (Part 2)

January 30, 2017 0 Comments

 ☾ T U L U M is one of the most laid-back beach and sun-kissed towns I’ve ever been to. From Playa Del Carmen you can easily take the ADO bus directly down to Tulum. You can expect to find a lot various local and modern boho craft stores downtown and along the beachside of Tulum. The streets are pretty safe; you can get almost anywhere on bike/motorbike. Water can be easily purchased on almost every block and things you forgot to pack in the many pharmacy and convenient stores.

Recommendation: rent a motorbike downtown. Use the maps.me app to get an aerial view of all the streets and populated areas of Tulum. If you look along the beach, you’ll see a handful of boutique hotels and lounges. If go south on the 15, you’ll find endless beaches all to yourselves. Or keep reading below for a local perspective!

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IMG_6759 (1)
There is a plethora of fancy boutique hotels or super cool Airbnbs to choose from 😉 This is a view of the pool from our Airbnb.

FYI: Most Taxi Cabs will have trouble locating an exact Airbnb address unless you’re staying at a common hotel (some streets in Tulum are still unmarked dirt streets). Instead plan ahead and figure out the cross streets around the area you’re staying; that will help your driver out tremendously. You can easily bike to most places downtown but a motorbike is recommended to help you see more of Tulum.

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IMG_7020.JPG{ D O W N T O W N – B R E A K F A S T } at El Jardin Café
– Budget friendly
– WHY GO HERE: In the back of the café is a secluded beautiful fountain garden where you can sit to enjoy a cup of coffee or small breakfast. There’s great lighting here in the morning, which makes the garden PERFECT for photos/videos 😉
– Note: their eggs are fresh to order but the croissant sandwich is just reheated; still delicious. Great way to start the day, peaceful ambiance.

IMG_6997{ D O W N T O W N – D I N N E R } at Taquerias El Nero
– Mexican Cuisine, cannot beat the price
– These are truly my favorite tacos in all of Tulum. Seat yourself and be open to a bit of a crowd, it’s always packed with locals and travelers who have gotten the inside scoop.
– Tacos: Tripa, Chorizo, Chuleta, Bistec, Al Pastor, Suadero, Campechanos
– Address: Tulum 7
77760 Tulum, Quintana Roo

IMG_6993{ D O W N T O W N – D E S S E R T } Find this ice cream store downtown, this photo is enough of a fun hint I promise. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.00.04 PM
IMG_6994IMG_6742 copy{ B E A C H S I D E – D I N N E R } at Mezzanine Restaurant
– Thai Cuisine
– Candlelight dinner along the beach
– Delicious but on the expensive side
– Alcoholic beverages are pretty light, consider selecting beer

IMG_7018{ B E A C H S I D E – D I N N E R } at Shiva
– Indian Cuisine
– Lounge and enjoy a long delicious dinner
– Great atmosphere and service
– Popcorn lovers, they give you a bowl for free
– Address: Carretera 109
22710 Tulum, Quintana Roo

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.03.12 PM

EXPLORE: Rent a motorbike. You won’t get to see or experience all of Tulum without one. If you want to visit some of the ruins, definitely consider renting a motorbike/car.

{ B E A C H – D A Y } at Tulum Ruins Beach
My boyfriend Sean and I arrived and were immediately lured into the local craft markets which surrounded the dense tourist destination. If something catches your eye, don’t forget to negotiate!

#localperspective If you’re into coconut water or thirty, look for an old man that sells fresh coconuts by the craft stores. He also cuts the coconut twice for you to drink and eat hehe. We also did not get tickets to the ruins as it was overcrowded (there were 6 big tour buses parked) with tourists. We like to wander into our own adventure and decided to walk all the way down towards the beach. Below is what we saw walked up to.

FullSizeRender-1Next to the Tulum Ruins is a gorgeous secluded white sand, clear water, warm sun-kissed beach. The Tulum Ruins beach is free, home to sea turtle nests, and can be that daydream beach you practically have all to yourself (we shared the entire beach with 5 other people) The only downside of this beach was the trash that accumulated on the side cliffs. L e a v e – n o – t r a c e. Quite the romantic and adventurous beach day, I mean how many other people who go to the ruins do you imagine ACTUALLY discover this beach as well? #mindfulness

IMG_6991{ M O T O R B I K E –  A D V E N T U R E } to Cenote Dos Ojos
Use your maps.me app. Rent/drive a motorbike and start the trek here as early in the morning as possible (we were there by 9:00 am) That way you’ll have the entire Cenote to yourself!! (SO WORTH IT). This spot has 2 cenotes beside each other that you can enjoy. FYI: It’s also a dive spot and is home to some small black fish. We chose this Cenote over others after a ton a research and weren’t disappointed. Come early and you won’t be either.

IMG_6995{ N I G H T L I F E } Tulum is very chill and laid back. You’ll notice that vibe especially along the beach. There are a lot of lounges where you can eat and drink into the early hours. We tested out a few and enjoyed hopping from lounge to lounge. Don’t expect to find a nightclub, get that out of your system in a place like Playa Del Carmen 😉
Tulum = think Pai, Thailand.

❍ NEXT STOP: Mérida