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Playa Del Carmen – Yucatán Peninsula Couple’s Travel Guide: Airbnbs, Restaurants, Local Perspective, Must-See (Part 1)

January 20, 2017 0 Comments

Playa Del Carmen: Airbnbs, Restaurants, Local Perspective, Must-See

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Mexico is so beautiful, it’s my favorite ‘close to home but far enough away’ travel destination. I have been getting so many questions regarding the adventure there with my boyfriend Sean. So I decided to share my top tips to help inspire you to get a wholesome experience in the Yucatán. Continue reading to find out where to stay, what to do, where to eat and how to get around the Yucatán Peninsula. (P.S. This is not a boutique vacation travel guide, its a #localperspective inspired guide).

*Note before taking off* Make sure you download the app: maps.me on iTunes. Then download the Mexico map/Yucatán peninsula map. You can use this map offline on your phone at any time. Use it as you would use Google maps but instead don’t worry about any charges or data problems. I highly recommend this app if you don’t read anything else-you won’t get lost no matter where you are in the world.

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 is a perfect place to fly into. There is an efficient bus system called ADO bus that can pick you up from an airport and drop you off downtown or to another city, and even nearby country like Belize.



I would personally recommend using Airbnb in Playa Del Carmen, especially if you truly want that romantic quality time with your significant other. A magical Airbnb we booked is called Casa Naaj. It is a three level town home with a rooftop plunge pool and spectacular sunset views. Its a 5 minute walk to Fifth Street and is close enough to the party but away from all the noise. Perfect for a couple.

3 Options For Groceries and Beverages

1. The Mega (or the Comer for the locals). Located on the corner of 30th Avenue and Constituyentes. The Mega is open from 7am to 11pm daily.

2. Walmart. Located on the corner of 30th Avenue and 10th street. The Walmart is open from 7am through until 1am daily and walking distance from anywhere within the city center. Go here for food, alcohol, and anything you forgot to pack.

3. DAC, Farmer’s market for fruit & vegetables. Located on 30th Avenue just north of Constituyentes.


{ L U N C H } at TAQUÉRIA EL FOGÓN (Best Taqueria in Playa)
– Recommended here by a local
– Locals go here with friends to drink and eat after work
– Ask any local and they will give you directions 😉
– Ave 30 Norte Entre 30 y 32Playa del Carmen
– +52 984 806 8382
Yelp 4.5 stars

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.03.12 PMIMG_6744_600___{ L U N C H } at ‘Restaurant El Cahuamo’ is a good place to eat lunch/dinner at that is close to the beach. If you see a turtle on their menu or show this picture below and a local can help you find the right spot.

FullSizeRender-3Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.03.12 PMIMG_6756{ L U N C H – B E A C H S I D E } at Fishy Fish. Great place to cool off, have a drink, burger, and enjoy sport games. Fishy Fish has a tropical vibe, seating is outside.

*FYI almost all mixed alcoholic drinks in Playa Del Carmen run pretty light. You may want to stick with beer and shots 😉


{ B E A C H – D A Y } The beaches are pretty packed; but the sand is as white and soft as your daydreams. It’s no wonder why Playa Del Carmen is a popular tourist spot.

{ N I G H T L I F E } is awesome in Playa Del Carmen. You can enjoy the night dancing at a club beside the beach itself, or get whisked away under neon dance lights, quench your thirst with a few free tequila shots in a club… you get the picture. A lot of the promoters along the main streets actually have free legit deals especially if you’re female (no gents-its not as bad as Vegas but still don’t expect to get free drinks like the ladies). Playa Del Carmen is definitely the stop to get your partying fix.