c r e s c e n t   m o o n l i g h t

Live with intention, live mindfully. Easy extra income is out there, especially for that Concert/Burning Man/Lighting In A Bottle/CRSSD/Woogie Weekend ticket coming up… you just have to know where to look 😉

Luckily I was raised by a frugal mother who taught me how to judge and compare the dollar amount on a price tag to the market value of the product. My mind is unconsciously constantly thinking of ways to make money; maybe thats the gypsy spirit in me… Either way, this doesn’t have to be a one time thing. Once you set these accounts you can always just keep adding items and make extra money.

Introducing a new and continuous stream of extra income: Lucky YOU.
Below are some ways I have successfully made extra income; whether it’s from selling preowned electronics, clothes, shoes, or even your old textbooks your University wouldn’t buy back thats been lying in your bookshelf catching dust. You CAN sell your stuff and help it can bring value to someone else’s life:

  1. Sell your textbooks on TextbookRush 

    Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 10.45.11 PM

    I recently used them to sell this book. Its an older book from University thats also a teacher’s edition which made it harder to sell on Ebay.

    Entered in the ISBN number. Got a quote of $61.33 from TextbookRush. Accepted and received an email with a prepaid shipping label for my book 12/30/16. On 1/3/17 I was notified TextbookRush got my book and later on that day my payment was processed via PayPal for $60.33 ($1 off for something unknown). I wish I did this first with all my textbooks but will be doing this with all the ones I have left! PIECE OF CAKE.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 2.24.28 PM

  2. You can make decent money from Ebay. Don’t believe me? Check out my account summary for the last 60 days:

    Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.02.41 PM
    I’ve sold an old camera, camelback, bikini, dresses, preowned sneakers, the list goes on! However if you don’t pay attention, as a seller, you could become victim to more fees or some hassle.

    NOTE: Pay attention to the ‘Listing Fee’.
    It’s usually $0.00 especially if you’re a new seller but beware it can also change without warning to $1.00+). This means you have to pay the listing fee even if you don’t sell the item. Automatically re-listing items also opens the door to another listing fee.

    Advice on what to mention in your listing if applicable: no returns/exchanges, comes from a smoke free home, and take clear and properly lit photos of your item.

  3. Poshmark

    Pretty good online option for selling your ‘fashionable’ clothes and accessories.
    Check out my closet here and discover what kind of items sell/what items I’ve sold for some inspiration to sell some of your own items.

    + Since you use their app; its easy to take photos of the items with your phone and upload them directly to sell
    + Shipping cost is included in the purchase of the item (Not taken out of seller’s pocket)
    Speedy and overall great customer service (They’ve helped me out before with an issue)
    + Big audience of buyers and sellers who actively search and browse Poshmark for deals

    You have to download and use their app in order to sell your stuff
    Pretty high % seller fee (They take a % cut off the final cost of each item you sell)

    What did you think of these recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

    Sending Good Vibes,
    ~ Victoria